Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket

By Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

Score: 4
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Built for creative professionals, Procreate Pocket is the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for iPhone. With the power of this complete artist’s toolbox in the palm of your hand, you can create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations anywhere you are. Procreate Pocket features high-resolution canvases, 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M: the same industry leading Metal engine that powers Procreate for iPad. The ultra portability of iPhone means that no matter where you are, you can create incredible works of art. The combination of Procreate Pocket’s incredibly responsive brushes and the use of 3D Touch to provide pressure sensitivity with your finger or a stylus lets you create professional artworks whether you’re on the train, on the couch, or in line for coffee. Now with the same revolutionary tools you've come to love on iPad such as freehand and Automatic Selection, multitouch Transform, and Perspective tools, Procreate Pocket gives you the power to take a rough sketch all the way to a finished illustration, enhanced with stunning cinema-quality effects. With a range of professional quality features never before seen on iPhone, Procreate Pocket has all the power a creative needs in the palm of your hand. • Features and highlights: - Powered by Silica-M, the same industry leading Metal engine that powers Procreate for iPad - 3D Touch for built-in pressure-sensitive painting - All-new interface designed exclusively for iPhone - Haptic integration for immersive feedback throughout the app - Optimized for iPhone X and iOS 11 - Create custom canvas sizes, up to 8K - Stunning 64-bit color - Deliciously responsive 64-bit smudge sampling - Multi-threaded; optimized for iPhone's multiple cores - 250 levels of undo and redo - Continuous auto-save—never lose work again • Over 135 Brushes: - Packed with the same beautifully-made brush library from Procreate for iPad - Over 50 customizable settings for every brush - Support for leading third-party styluses - Create your own custom Procreate brushes - Organize your brushes into your own custom Sets - Import and export custom brushes and Brush Sets • Full Layering System: - Layer your artwork for precise control over individual elements - Use Layer Masks for non-destructive editing - Stay organized by combining layers into Groups - Select multiple layers to move or Transform objects simultaneously - Access 19 layer blend modes for professional compositing • Color Without Compromise: - 64-bit color for greater accuracy - P3 Wide color support - Fill your art seamlessly with ColorDrop - Input RGB, HSB, or HEX values for exact color matching • Amazing filters and adjustments: - GPU accelerated for lightning speed - Add exclusive Perspective Blur for incredible results - Disconcertingly fast Gaussian and Motion Blur filters - Add Noise to your canvas, or Sharpen your image for perfect clarity - Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in stunning real-time - Powerful image adjustments such as Color Balance, and Image Curves • Industry Leading Video Features - Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay - Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production - Share a thirty-second version of your Time-lapse recording, perfect for social networks - Broadcast your drawing process live with your favorite streaming service • Extensive Import and Export Options: - Export as layered native .procreate file, PSD, TIFF, transparent PNG, multi-page PDF or web ready JPEG - Import or export Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files - Export to any connected location, including AirDrop, Files, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail - Easily share canvases to your iPad to continue creating with a larger screen

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  • It’s good but not great

    By Treenaus (jasmine)
    It’s a good app but as someone who isn’t good with what to do for how big I want a canvas it’s confusing since there isn’t any pictures of how big the canvas is next to it so it’s confusing but the app is good if you want HD drawings you just have to make the numbers larger but that means you get to make less layers to draw on it good but could be better. The drawing tools are confusing nothing makes sense when I try to create a new pencil or just tool lol
  • It’s good, but could be better?

    By Thesoulofthewind.AJ
    So I use this app a lot to draw at random times when I don’t have my iPad around, and it’s pretty good, they have brushes and tools, etc. Just warning you, if you are looking to buy this app, buy the full version (for iPad) because it’s much better and just less condensed. For the pocket version, it isn’t obvious that you HAVE to use the two-finger tap to undo and use the three-finger tap to redo. Just saying. (A lot of things aren’t obvious, but I’m sure they’re there.)
  • not ipad compatible

    By Interdigitate
    doesnt work with the ipad, no idea why we can even download it on the ipad without a small pop up or something to let us know its not compatible
  • Great In General

    By AlterSebasian
    People complain about no redo and undo buttons,etc. Please read the manual of the app first for Christ sake. The only thing I am a bit of frustrated about is two finger pinch usually happened while I accidentally touch the area on the left where the brush controls lies, in which case would cause unable to pinch and draw a line that I don't want. Consider every one has different painting habbit, some one like to paint in landscape mode, some are not. I recommend in the future update, you guys can implement the DIY brush controls position, let the user put these brush controls where they would cause the least unexpected action for themselves. Or if you guys would solve it in some other ways, that's good too.
  • You might like it

    By pac-man-777
    You may or may not like this app the app cancel does not work with that I think they should let you know that right off the bat. And I don’t think it’s as powerful as they say it is I would dare to say that the pictures in this app we’re done on procreate on an iPad not on the phone. Not as great as I thought it would be I thought it would be like my iPad but a small version I was wrong so if you think this is going to be that don’t buy it.
  • Love it!

    By Willow_fnaf
    I’ve been using this app for years and it has progressed so much! It is definitely worth the buy. Compared to other free apps Procreate is definitely better. The brushes are nice, canvas creation is quick and easy, and overall everything works well. There are a few things that can be improved, but overall I’m very happy.
  • Amazing!

    By Adogandcat
    This app has all of the features you would need to make art. I create anime/chibi/realism and this app exceeds my expectations! I heard about it and this app is really cool!
  • Hhm

    By VlAdI1324
    Only complains are that you cant save your creations onto your photos and there isn't and dark mode option. Apart from that great app.
  • Best drawing app I have seen EVER

    By artsyfartsy2627
    Hiiii, I had just downloaded this app a few days ago and I really believe it’s worth the money. Now, I’m no expert here but, I just love how many tools there are and there is soooo many things you can do. Also, I love how easy and simple it is (in a good way) because most drawing apps I find are too confusing and complicated which I usually uninstall it after a few days. If you read this then keep on working hard you guys are doin great!!!! :)
  • Honest Review

    By Fragie21
    I just bought the app, overall the app is okay, though some of the brushes feel “clunky” to work with when drawing with larger strokes. Also the user interface is not very friendly. For adjusting stokes and opacity the buttons are halfway tucked on the sides which makes it annoying to have to tap on and adjust the size/opacity. The arrow to go back to other canvasses on the upper left corner is small and it took me hours to figure out that was the arrow to return to the main view and not an arrow for “modify”. Also for a paid app, it should have more features and utilize onion layers (unless there is a way to do this, then it is not very clear).