Voice Analyst: Pitch & Volume

Voice Analyst: Pitch & Volume

By Speechtools Ltd

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2014-04-30
  • Current Version: 3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 23.73 MB
  • Developer: Speechtools Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.66957
From 230 Ratings


The world's favourite voice analysis app, used in speech pathology clinics, research centres, universities and homes in over 120 countries. Over 1 million recordings have been made with Voice Analyst. Winner of 2020 Digital Health Award by Medilink SW Healthcare Innovation Use Voice Analyst to... • Analyze your pitch and volume as you speak or remotely. • Deliver remote speech Telehealth (Telemedicine / eHealth) • Support Speech Pathology (such as LSVT for Parkinson’s) in clinic and/or at home. • Check your voice against pitch and volume targets. • Email recordings to your Speech Pathologist. • Transfer recordings to any cloud storage such as iCloud, Dropbox and others. Who is it for? • Speech and Language Pathologists / Therapists • People with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease or brain injury • People with voice difficulties such as a vocal fold palsy or muscle tension dysphonia • People who are transgender • Singers, performers, trainers • And more... Features • Record your voice and see your pitch and volume in real-time. • Analyze your voice to show min/max/average/range for pitch and volume. • Set minimum and maximum targets for pitch and volume. • Share your recordings and statistics by email, messaging, AirDrop and more. • Zoom in on any part of a recording to analyze in detail. • Save your recording to your device, iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud storage. • Save any portion of your recording. • Copy your statistics to spreadsheets on your device and your Mac. • Splitscreen and multitasking support. • GDPR compliant - no personal data is collected. • Help system with free support. Let us know what you want to see next - support@speechtools.co Ratings and reviews 4.8 star rating and top 3 Medical App in USA, UK, Australia, France, Canada and many more! Reviewed and recommended by Parkinson’s UK https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/voice-analyst "This app is great for self-monitoring, but you could also take it along to your next speech therapy appointment to share your goals and results, and put you in control of the session." What our customers say "Fantastically easy to see where your pitch is, to set target ranges, to make and analyze recordings, and to export and import recordings. I can’t imagine working on my voice without this app." "I've been using Voice Analyst with my transgender clients. It is incredibly user friendly and provides great visual readings of frequency as well as an instant analysis of pitch range and mean. My clients can use it in session and some have downloaded it to work with at home." "Love this app. So simple to use yet it packs all the technology needed to make it easy for me to monitor and motivate myself." "Thank you! This is a great app which helps me to monitor my voice. Very easy to use." "I use this for work with voice clients. Very useful to track change since you can save recordings" If you are concerned about the quality of your voice, you should see your doctor and request a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist. Contact us Customers, we are here for you! If you have any comments on how we may improve Voice Analyst then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us at support@speechtools.co.



  • Not for singers

    By AVsinger
    Displays hertz, not notes. Definitely not for singers.
  • Great App! One request...

    By Nat Rose SLP
    As an SLP, this app is immense well useful for voice clients! One request: to be able to pause and resume recording, instead of stopping and rewriting.
  • Perfect, and great support

    By flooptarp
    Best blend of features and simplicity. Also, I sent in a feature request and the devs added it within 2 weeks. I’ve never seen that kind of support before. Would buy this again.
  • A fantastic app

    By jaisula
    This is hands down the best voice analyzer I was able to find in the app store. Sure, like every app it has a few glitches, but they are minor and the developer is very reaponsive and addresses any concerns. I use this app every day and so far I'm very satisfied. Thank you
  • This app crashes any time you do anything on iOS 13

    By JJ Jareau
    Any time you try to playback a recording you have made, it plays it back and then the app freezes. You cannot hit pause, you cannot hit stop, and worst of all you cannot save that recording. Your only recourse is to force quit the app. These are the core of the use case for the app, and without them, I am altogether annoyed that I paid for this app. 3 months ago I had no issues. Now, I’m going to look for alternatives.
  • Safe your money, not worth the price, seriously!

    By Fototico
    I wrote the review bellow well over a year ago. May be a year and a half. Somethings did improve in this app and I deleted that part from the view bellow. The remaining is still true. In my old review I said that the app I talked about did not have an Apple version. They now do. BUT, it is not the same as the Droid version. It lacks all the tracking charts, making as basic as this one. But the developer told me that they are working on it. They decided to start from the ground up to improve all the charts and functions. Just a matter of time. For now this is my go to app. The main thing I like about it is that I can change the range targets and I can see where my pitch is live between those lines. Which helps me to try to keep my pitch between those two lines. Even though that future is the main reason I still use this app more than any other by far. The wave in the scope really does a lousy job at showing you where you pitch is at. I have to rely on looking at the top and bottom of the range. If the pitch goes bellow my minimum target line it turns red and blink, and the opposite is true of the maximum target. Once you hit stop recording the scope waves pop up. For me that is too late. Since I want to practice keeping my pitch between those two targets and to be able to visualize it live as I speak. That would help me built the muscle memory and get me used to the way my voice sounds while I am speaking in my target range. The way you sound to others is different than the way your voice sound to you. Having an app with a great scope would be amazing. Instead of waves may be they could try with bars. Similar to the way bars equalizers use and slow it down to the point in which shows you the average pitch in real life. Or may be do what another app does. It shows you all the results live and you talk. Which it nice but even though that app also has a chart with a scope, you can see both sets of information since they are in a different screens. - This app is a joke and not worth 13 dollars. There is an app that looks identical to this one that is sold in the Google Store called Voice Pitch Analyzer, that is much better than this one. Unfortunately it is not sold in the Apple Store... Yet! That app is geared towards the transgender community. So one of the charts shows you where you voice falls under. Male, androgynous, or female range. But if you are not concerned about that and only care about the pitch analysis, that app will more than work. But where it really has this app beaten to a pulp, is that the other app tracks your voice progress. It has a chart called "Pitch Over Time." Which shows you the date and pitch of all the tests you have performed over a long time. A great chart to have. It also has another screen called "Overall Progress." Which also shows you your progress over time. It also gives you something to read while it records your voice pitch. Nice! These two apps use the same basic platform. Their recording screen looks identical. But the other apps gives you a lot more information, and get this, for no where near the price of this one. I believe that I paid something like 3 bucks. It was no more than 5 bucks. But definitely no where near 13 bucks. But like I said, they do not have an Apple version of the app. I am trying to convince the developer, “Purr Programming,” to develop an Apple version. I have a feeling that it's just a matter of time. Save your money because this app is NOT worth has much as they are charging. If I knew what I know about this app, the most I would had paid for this app is a couple of bucks. Not a penny more.
  • Amazingly Helpful

    By jiraffe
    Fantastical easy to see where your pitch is, to set target ranges, to make and analyze recordings, and to export and import recordings. I can’t imagine working on my voice without this app. The one key thing missing is average high and average low instead of (or in addition to) the absolute maximum and minimum.
  • Love it

    By SFS Therapies
    I love this application. I use it with all of my voice patients!
  • Transgender

    By EvaVik
    Great app. It helps me to perfect my pitch and volume. My therapist recommended it.
  • Voice analyst

    By tuteedvnjg
    Why has the upperoctave started showing an octave lower? This didn’t use to happen