iBird Pro Guide to Birds

iBird Pro Guide to Birds

By Mitch Waite Group

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2009-03-27
  • Current Version: 12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.01 GB
  • Developer: Mitch Waite Group
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 5,127 Ratings


iBird Pro Field Guide to Birds of North America is Apple’s best-selling app for identifying any of the 963 species of birds on the North American continent. This newest version 12.0 of iBird™ Pro contains our revolutionary Photo Sleuth feature as a low cost in-app purchase. iBird Photo Sleuth will identify the species of any North American bird from a photo, even if of poor quality. No internet connection is needed to use it. Sleuth is available for a limited time at a 50% introductory price for our iBird Pro customers. A stand-alone version of Photo Sleuth is also available in the app store. You can watch a short slide show of how Sleuth works here: bit.ly/ibirdsleuth. Also new to this iBird Pro version are the 2018 American Ornithological Union updates including new splits, changes to common names, families, orders, etc. We’ve updated 37 high-resolution species illustrations, which, as you know, are one thing that sets iBird apart from all other birding apps, which only offer photographs. The iBird Pro architecture is now “consolidated”, meaning its default North America database is supplemented with databases of other countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, Hawaii and Palau. You can purchase databases for these countries at a price that is much lower than the individual apps, and instantly switch between them inside the app. The beauty of this new approach, which Apple asked us to implement, is there is no longer a need for multiple apps; a single version of iBird Pro can now serve as a reference guide to birds around the world. Furthermore, you can install iBird Pro on multiple devices and share it with your family plan so that with one app everyone can enjoy thousands of new species. Of course, we will also continue to update both the features of the app and the content of the databases as we have done for the past 10 years since iBird was first born in the Apple store. iBird continues to offer these other IAP features: Time-of-Day—lets you search for birds by activity levels during day or night (Cathemeral), dawn and dusk (Crepuscular), etc., Birds Around Me (BAM)—shows just those species in your GPS location, Percevia™ smart search—patented feature that helps you identify birds just like the birding experts and Owls of Mexico and Central America—which includes illustrations with field marks, range maps, songs and calls and much more for these remarkable species. iBird developers never sleep: Version 12.0 adds 48 new drawings—to see these go to Search->Illustration Update-11.1. More Details of iBird Pro Version 12: http://ibird.com/whats-new/whats-new.html iBird Pro contains 963 species of North American birds, including both common, uncommon and rare species. The app is designed to help both experienced and novice birders identify and learn about their birds. Unlike other iPhone apps, iBird includes popular birds of the Hawaiian Islands and is completely up-to-date with the 2018 AOU and ABA checklists. Databases are available for the countries of the United Kingdom, Hawaii and the famous nation of Palau. Summary of Top Features ● SHARE the Species page. ● Identify 963 species with in-depth descriptions, including details on appearance, habitat, behavior, conservation, size, weight, color, pattern, shape, sexual differences, etc. ● Share any species page via Mail, Messages, Facebook, etc. ● Birds Around Me and Percevia™ smart search now available as in-app purchases with free 7-day trials. ● The only birding app that includes both Illustrations and Photos. ● Sort birds by first, last and family name and view birds by text, icon, thumbnail or gallery. ● Search by common name, Latin name and even band code. ● Comprehensive range maps that include migratory routes as well as subspecies maps for 40 species. ● Only app with a field mark layer that displays key ID marks for male, female and juvenile birds. ● iBird’s database is completely self-contained; no internet connection is required.

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  • Feeling ripped off

    By RGinNJ
    I purchased Pro years ago and upgraded to Ultimate. I also purchased Journal. I have supported this developer with my dollars. I understand that the developers had no choice but to consolidate. Having paid for pro I already had the app and just needed to download it. All good; right? Wrong! I also purchased ALL the add-ins for Ultimate. Time of day, BAM etc. Now the app is telling me I need to purchase them again for pro. Up until this point I understood- but now it appears this is just a money grab. It might be ok if there was a way to get in touch with the developer to discuss. There is not. Lots of great birding apps out there. I have always relied on iBird and not bothered with the rest. Now I think I will try Nat Geo or Sibley.
  • Lots of problems with this app

    By jn2167040
    IBird is annoying. For a rather expensive app, it should do better. The registration screen pops up CONSTANTLY and I have already registered. I have to take the time to close this screen over and over again. And this takes a few clicks. It was also not clear that some of the features are only available as an extra purchase, such as BAM. Some of the artwork is very poor and does not look anything like the photos of the bird, such as the Song Sparrow. Overall, it feels very amateurish. It’s obvious that different people did the write-up on different birds. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading a bunch of third graders reports. Odd little things are included while important information is lacking. The search feature rarely has the right bird in the list of options. In short, I wish I had purchased the Sibley app instead.
  • Not worth it

    By NorNorEs
    I’ve had this app in my phone for a few months now, and I have not opened it even once in the field. I find it generally difficult to navigate, not to mention that there are much better FREE field guide apps out there. Also, I heard an interview on a birding podcast, This Birding Life, from quite a few years back of the maker of this app (Mitchell Waite): he essentially said that he sent poor artists in third world countries photos and illustrations of birds and asked them to put their own spin on it so it wasn’t straight-up copyright infringement. He was very proud of “outsourcing” and getting this work done on the cheap. Perhaps this is also why some of the images are not that great. Most bird guides with illustrations include paintings done by people who have actually seen these birds in real life, so the results are much more true to life. Don’t waste your money. Get Merlin Bird ID or the Audubon apps instead; they include a good field guide with other great features, and they’re free.
  • Absolutely the best way to learn about birds

    By Ms. Spacely Sprockets
    There is nothing better, no app - no literature that exceeds the learning power of a iBird Pro. To be honest it might actually be the only reason why I started using an iPhone/cell phone some years ago. I have had so many personal interactions with multitude of birds throughout the state of Florida, California, New York, Colorado, Idaho, Ireland, England - and have used iBird PRO throughout Europe, Central & South America, Asia and even Hong Kong. Thank you so much to the inventors of this amazing bird app... The best in the world by far
  • Typo

    By Paintedbunting
    I just got the app and haven’t used it enough to rate it but I noticed a typo within first 3 minutes of using it and thought I’d point it out so you can fix it. In the conservation status section the organization is IUCN— the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. You have ICUN: “Conservation Status The International Union for Conservation of Nature or ICUN supports a database called the ICUN Red List of Threatened Species.”
  • Have to repurchase everything that was on ultimate

    By Whitepelicsn
    I don’t don’t understand why they made the features add on s they could of just ported the features over from ultimate to pro wish those features were standard when you buy the app but no it still costs money
  • Won’t set up

    By newbiebirder
    Can not get this app to set up on my phone. Keep getting a message that there is not enough available space even though I have 3GB free on my phone. I can’t figure out how much space is needed. Disappointed that I paid for an app I cannot use.
  • Excellent Resource

    By HiddenLake
    Use this all the time for both identifying and logging while birding. The app flows well and is continually being updated at no charge.
  • New version

    By bameggitt
    The new version makes it hard to browse and get photos up of the birds and many require additional expensive apps. Wish I hadn’t upgraded.
  • Have to by in apps to get it to do anything

    By Mchdaisy123
    I typed in great Horned owl and it brings up 0 of 947. And a pop up saying I have to buy an app to see this. So what did I pay for?