Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-19
  • Current Version: 1.250.200
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 543.20 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.971
From 13,654 Ratings


-Real Time Nation vs. Nation post-apocalyptic strategy war game. Join now! Your Country needs you! [Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The player will take upon the role of a leader of a small settlement in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Build your own wasteland empire, train your troops, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending war even in the end of humanity. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours! Unique Features -World Wide War Real-time combat against players across the world, lead your country to greatness -Realistic Graphics The Map, The World, Your City, The Units, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL -Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolute Freedom City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroes to strengthen your empire! -Hero System Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with just that! -Strategic Gameplay One set of units just simply cannot dominate, Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, You have to know your enemy and yourself to walk the battlefield of this world. -Alliance Warfare Whether it’s going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course. [Real Reviews] “The game is really just a platform to meet friends from all over the world.” “Ever joined a group of Russians and waged war against the entire North America? I’m American!” “Joined a Mexican alliance, learned how to speak Spanish, got raided by Turks, and Canadians came and helped us, 9/10 would play again.” Base Lv.4 or above commanders can obtain supplies from the benefit center. -Subscription Content: You will be subscribed to the game content: Army Supply, After the subscription, the following rewards can be claimed as a daily supply. 1. - 500 Diamonds 2. - 8 Hour speed-up or 400k corresponding valued resources 3. - Construction Center Usage Privilege 4. - Solar Power Station Usage Privilege 5. - Special chat bubble and name tag 6. - Personalized Signature system - Subscription Duration: 1 Month (Monthly subscription product) - Subscription Cost: $24.99/month - Payment: Payment via iTunes account after confirmation - Cancellation: If needed, subscription can be canceld in iTunes/ Apple ID account settings 24 hours before the subscription expires - Subscription Continuation: iTunes account will deduct the fund 24 hours before the subscription duration expires, subscribing for another cycle - For check Privacy Agreement details: - For Automated Subscription Service Agrrement: Join us on Facebook



  • Long-term strategy game.

    By Jazz401
    I’ve played LSS for over a year now. This game takes a lot of patience and forethought, and for that I’ve come to respect it greatly. A few words of advice for new players: 1. Avoid state in-fighting. There’s always some jerks at the start, but they dissipate over time, especially once the major state-vs-state events kick off. Focus on growing your base and staying in a top active alliance, and you will be just fine. 2. Watch YouTube videos and tutorials, particularly on how best to develop your heroes. You will need to plan your strategy many months in advance for it to really pay off. Again, be patient, and ask questions with your teammates often. 3. You are inevitably going to spend money on this game - at the very least, to switch states if you end up in a really bad one - but you don’t have to drop thousands to be competitive. If you do want to spend money, you’ll get the most value out of the hero development package (do at least a couple months as it gets better with each renewal), and/or unlocking the VIP shop, which gives you extra buffs and time-saving bonuses. The devs have done a good job at collecting user feedback and making continuous improvements, which is why I’ve kept playing for so long. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a good distraction from this crazy time in our world. Good luck out there and enjoy!
  • Fun game but...

    By camdoom
    Ok so don’t get me wrong it is a fun game and I still play it it just has one problem and it’s a BIG problem the game is a pay to win game and they shove every single item you can buy in your face and make it really hard for you if you don’t purchase any thing. So yes if you are thinking about getting it keep in mind that they will do anything they can to get you to purchase something
  • Spend a crap load of $ maybe be a mediocre player

    By brokenstove
    I think the title says it all. But if you don’t have money to play, and you didn’t start playing this game from the first day it came outThen you’re not gonna be a stand out player like myself, Unless you can buck up and spend $100 or more a month,, that’s it if you’re in the Americas or in Europe. The Chinese for some reason Have a strange dollar to whatever the Chinese use as currency They pay a lot less from what everybody else would pay. My point is this is basically Farmville with zombies but if you can’t fight , I hope you’re OK with being less than mediocre like myself
  • Mr. Allan R. Chapman

    By Sqwacker
    This game is so freakin awesome! And I have never stuck with any game so long! I highly recommend it, as you can set your own pace!
  • Beware: Big rip off. Support ignores you.

    By Danglinlo
    This game charges ridiculous amounts of money. Then when you do spend it the items you bought don't work properly or are temporary. For get getting a response from support. They just take your money. It's a Chinese company so forget getting a refund. After writing this review I received the exact same canned response I did to all my requests to get my money credited to my account. They will take your money and not care!
  • Flags

    By wailaba
    Hello developer, you have made a good effort in this game, but we want you to increase the flags of the country. I am my country, Sudan, and I wish to place the flag of my country in my base. Thank you very much.
  • Pretty standard , with pretty standard problems

    By aao13
    Nothing new , same strategy as in many strategy games Same problems too - meaningless animation and meaningless, repetitive messages which block the view and hinder the actions . Pretty usual connection problems ( I suspect they all use the same api ) - it requires perfect uninterrupted connection , either due to the huge amount of data they communicate, or the structure of the data 6 month later - very good concept , but implementation lacks even more then I realize in the beginning. Each update brings bunch of bugs, as if they are trying to break something every-time . As i said in the beginning, their communications expect perfect connection all the time , they are simply unable to create stable communications, they cannot provide simple reliable services like email and chat( in addition to that their censorship bot is putting stars if you use words “is” , “system” etc, quite often it puts stars instead of numbers , which is extremely idiotic) . User interface got even worse , as if they are they are trying to make it less usable . In game translation is horrific , it is not unusual even for English -Spanish players not to understand each other . There is also huge issue of censorship of non-Chinese players ( the developers are the Chinese) - any rude comment in English might get you permanently banned ( not so if if same thing is written in Chinese or by Chinese) , any mention of Hong Kong or Taiwan might get you banned ( and many players did get permanently banned ) . Update : New version breaks the ingame chats and ingame mail - developers simply unable to make it work, the break it every other update
  • A communist app

    By ChenJeffm
    Warning!! English language is censored, you cannot type certain half of English vocabularies in this game.
  • Chat update

    By Abcdefghijkln
    Whatever you did on the last update with the absolutely awful. Please put it back. It’s censoring words like have and it’s extremely hard to communicate when you can’t understand what someone is writing. Thanks
  • LastShelter survival

    By Webbhog
    Fun game that will keep you entertained. But.. if you have a problem forget about getting any help from support. I lost a couple months of rss and “Lotus” the tech support, never really tried to help. Over all good game play, untill a problem arises. Do not be fooled, yes you can play this game without having to buy anything. I made one tiny purchase just out of curiosity. Now i am at level 25, took a year of constant play but it can be done. Regarding bullying, you can move to states within the game that prevent any attacks during the week, weekends you better shield up. Overall i give the four out of five stars.