YI 360-VR Camera

YI 360-VR Camera

By Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Score: 2
From 18 Ratings


YI 360 is an iOS application to control YI 360 VR Camera 1) Remote control - Easily connect camera with Wi-Fi, preview and shoot panoramic video/picture 2) Browse and edit-support for playback, downloading, editing, and deleting panoramic content 3) Share your content - Share to platforms such as Facebook,Youtube, etc 4) Panoramic live broadcast - Live broadcast streaming to Facebook, YouTube, can also customize the server address



  • Does not work on x or se

    By Xavior spade
    Had the iPhone Se and upgraded to the X and this won’t allow me a preview or to control camera on either phone but will work on a 6+ fine. What’s going on? Never upgraded software firmware or app. Wasted my money
  • Can connect iPhone XS Max or 7+ but...

    By jimnjammy
    Followed the instructions to the letter but it refuses to livestream to FB page. Displays ‘live video about to start’ but just spins. Won’t let me back out of app, have to force close.
  • There is no support!

    By *Up In The Air*
    This app has been abandoned and it is very sad. Unable to connect to live stream, unable to change settings or download already taken pictures. Was only been able to download and upgrade camera firmware with the app. To the developer! Make the iOS app open source so the community can fix it and keep maintaining it!
  • Developer doesn’t care

    By CygnusTheDuck
    Good camera marred by terrible software. Many workarounds needed to display a picture.
  • [Work Around] for “Failed to Acquire Preview”

    By chiu ming wai
    For the longest time, I was going to give up on the app. But it connected one time when I didn’t have cell reception. Turns out you need to turn off cell service and connect via Wifi in order to get it to get a live preview. Yi needs to fix this, but for the time being, this is how I got the 360 yo connect to my phone.
  • Preview in XS Max fails every time...

    By iamfilmguy
    This company has to know of this issue. They need to get with the program and fix this already..!
  • Does not load preview. Can’t view footage.

    By Crazyjulian123
    Camera is garbage. Doesn’t connect to the app. Can’t review what you took after. Can’t connect camera to a MacBook. It’s 50% off right now on Amazon for a reason. You can’t use it after you buy.
  • Does not work on iOS

    By steve.huang
    I recent test of iPhone 7, 8, and X reveal that the app fails to properly connect and control the Yi360 camera over WiFi. On Android, it works fine. I filed a support ticket into YiTechnology and they seem unaware of the problem. Yet, they still fail to acknowledge nor fix the issue for iOS. Please release a working update. Insta360 One X now has 5.7k and they provide working updates. You are seriously loosing any market share in the 360VR industry at the rate you are providing fixes to your software and hardware.
  • Needs to update app

    By Suby810
    Live preview doesnt work!!! Please fix. iPhone 7+
  • Old software

    By SlickGeek
    Just like the other review, Live Preview On app Fail. Please update software!