WWE SLAM: Card Trader

WWE SLAM: Card Trader

By The Topps Company, Inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2016-07-14
  • Current Version: 9.0.18
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 369.55 MB
  • Developer: The Topps Company, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 862 Ratings


YOUR GO-TO WWE HOBBY SHOP! • New cards released every day! • Collect Inserts and Signature Cards highlighting top matches and rivalries. • Collect cards from different eras of WWE. From Attitude Era Stars like Stone Cold and The Rock to present-day Superstars like Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair and Braun Strowman! FRESH AND ENGAGING CONTENT! • NEW Content for every WWE PPV and NXT TakeOver! • Level up by winning contests, completing sets, and pulling cards from packs • Earn experience points based on our “level scoring system”. • Dynamic card products: New series and editions, custom artwork, digital signatures, relics, and more! • Exclusive WWE Content: Collect inserts featuring WWE Comic Covers from BOOM! Studios, or stunning artwork from Rob Schamberger! BECOME PART OF WWE SLAM NATION! • Talk, trade, and be one with the community: Topps has the best community of WWE card collectors in the world. • Chat with app users in our fan feed and propose trades 24/7! *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. * MORE INFO Stay tuned with all of the action and newest card releases! - Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram - Join on Facebook: facebook.com/toppswweslam/ - Follow @ToppsSlam on Twitter - https://www.youtube.com/c/ToppsDigitalApps

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  • Terrible

    By Abcdfhgerg
    Constantly crashes, no new wheel inserts, drains your battery, nothing to collect anymore without spending $200 per set
  • Constant crashes and loading screens

    By lake316
    The newest update has killed the app. About 50% of the time the app just freezes on a loading screen. It’s just unstable and has an amazingly slow server response. Nothing else in my phone freezes or crashes as much as this app. When it works it’s great. But that’s only about half the time. I actually find myself using it less and less since the update. If you’re not on WiFi, don’t even bother opening it. It’ll never load. I don’t know why they broke it so bad. It used to be a fun, simple card trading app. Now it’s all kinds of unnecessary stuff that just slows it down and kills your battery.
  • No longer working on iPad

    By The Muta
    Ever since the new update, it stopped working on iPad. Such a waste. Don’t fix something that isn’t broke next time.
  • New Layout Is Frustrating

    By DJpenguin700
    Since the new update has come out I’ve barely been able to play. The new layout is so confusing and complicated it’s made it so hard to use. If anyone knows how I may be able switch it to the old simpler and smart layout if that is a thing please let me know.
  • Fun, but frustrating at times.

    By V. Stark
    Reviewing for version 9.0.17. The new update just went live, and it’s prompted me to leave a review. Cons: 1. The new graphics such as on the home screen are nice, but I made mention in a comment on the app that the minimalism of the previous versions was one of the things I appreciated most about this app, especially because it was kind to my battery. Now there’s a lot of unnecessary transition screens and flashing lights; it means I have to spend extra time waiting for the screen to transition through to the next menu. This is, to be honest, quite frustrating. With the old versions I could have switched between three or four screens in the time it takes the transitions to load, and the flashing image isn’t easy on the eyes (or the battery). And since I usually use the app when I’m limited on time, it means I end up spending less time on the app, both through less navigation (because it takes more time) and because I’m frustrated waiting, so I don’t WANT to spend more time on the app. An option to disable these transition screens and/or flashing lights would be most appreciated. 2. The achievements/collections are still bugged. I’ve completed several open edition sets and they’re still sitting in the “close to completing” section rather than actually rewarding me for completing the collection. 3. A lot of menu options are now hidden away in places that don’t always seem the most obvious (though this might just be something I have to acclimate to). I imagine that I’ll get used to the new positions of all the different pages, but in the meantime I’ll keep clicking on the trade button expecting my page instead. It also seems like some links are designed for users on devices with extra large screens; I thankfully have narrow fingers to click on tiny links next to each other, but I imagine it might be causing some users some frustration on smaller screens. 4. Some of the text boxes (like the ones for comments on an article) keep freezing and won’t let me back in to edit the text once I’ve closed the keyboard, which means I have to close the box and retype the comment. Pros: 1. The favorites card selection. I usually just used the locking tool to show off my favorite, but displaying favorite cards on my page does give it a unique feel, like a happy wallpaper every time I open that page. Sometimes I forget I have some really awesome cards, so this helps remind me why I’m playing the game. 2. The color scheme is also well done. Some apps and websites have no sense of color design, but this one has a variety of darker colors that don’t burn my eyes. 3. No ads. This game is one of the very few I play that actually doesn’t have ads, and best of all, there’s no pop-up ads. Another game I play recently implemented this, and it’s frustrating to have an ad suddenly show up in the middle of the game, and typically, it forces you to click the ad because you were about to click something else in the game. This game has no ads, likely because a large amount of pay-to-buy content (though there’s a good amount of cards that can be obtained with in-game currency as well). If that’s how we avoid ads, I’m okay with that. 4. Wide selection of cards. There’s a plethora of cards to collect in the game, and while a lot of them are pay-to-buy, if you’re clever with how you build up your card collection, you can usually trade for some of them. There is a certain bias in which superstars have cards put out, but considering that there’s likely a bigger fan base for the main event stars, it makes sense to put out more cards of those stars. Overall: My main thing is that I’m frustrated with the updates; it seems like case of fixing what isn’t broken (and I’ve seen websites collapse/become abandoned because of things like this). I’m not going to abandon the app at the moment because it has been one of my most-used apps for a while now, and I love collecting cards of my favorite WWE stars, but we’ll see what the future holds. If you’re a fan, I’d still recommend the app; it’s still good, harmless fun, despite my complaining. If you’re a developer, thank you for taking time to look over my thoughts on the app.
  • Lost my $$$

    By Random47
    I was an enthusiastic purchaser but I’m not on Facebook (and never will be) and cannot be a member. As a “guest” I was able to buy and collect cards (but not trade with registered members), but now I can’t buy any of the specialty cards. Now I’m stuck with “diamonds” (credits I paid for) that I can’t use. Total bs.
  • Slam

    By coffinator00
    I have tried but it’s been getting better so sorry for the bad review
  • Paywalls!

    By C.lloyd83
    This game used to be... again used to be... fun. I really enjoyed being able to collect cards of my favorite WWE Superstars, however about 4-5 months ago (possibly longer) they added diamonds to their currency (pay real money to obtain), at first it was not that bad because you were still able as a free player to obtain even diamond cards (at a much lower percentage of course, which is understandable). However, now Topps has made it nearly impossible for the free player to obtain any cool insert cards and making the game a paywall only type of game. This really discourages me from wanting to play, even though I actually won a real WWE belt from them. I wish they would be more mindful of those of us who can only afford the free game due to all the other real life expenses we have. *Rant Complete* Update: After reading what the devs stated... I would like to add that although this game is fun, what they stated below does not make sense. Yes, you can go to the trade feed. No, players who paid real money to obtain the cards will not trade them for freebie cards. Therefore, they will only trade for cards that you can obtain with using real money. I understand that it’s supposed to be a trading card game however no one will trade pay cards for freebie cards. The free packs that was stated are base packs. For those of us that have played more than 2 months (going on 2 years), the free packs really don’t help us out. Now in the future they will no doubt because new base cards are coming soon, however right now no help. The prize wheel again great idea and allows free players to obtain a nice card here and there but in order to get the really good cards you need to pay real money to access the premium wheel. I’m not just saying this to make the devs feel like crap. The truth of the matter is I am trying to state for us free players how the paywalls are just not right, it takes the fun out of the game, and that’s why you are losing players. Also on a side note, thanks for responding to this review and thanks for the belt, I really do appreciate it! Hopefully you guys can figure this out to make it more fun again for the free players.
  • WWE Slam

    By Big Rig Pappa
    I love it. I am hooked and 50 years old. Where is the Nascar trading cards ?
  • Money hungry game

    By Twisterbaby
    Card game use to be fun now unless you spend money you can’t collect any cards. It became a money hungry game and unless you plan on spending lots of money to get the sets. Your better off buying cards in a store for the same results and the packs would be cheaper in stores.