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Watch popular hit series, brand new shows, and live car events you can’t access anywhere else. • Stream the latest episodes, available only here first • Access the entire library, with new shows added daily! • Watch Roadkill, Dirt Every Day, HOT ROD Garage, Head 2 Head, Fast N’ Loud and Texas Metal available 24/7 on-demand • Create your own personal lists and watch what you want anytime or anywhere - your account works across your favorite screen 24/7: phone, tablet, TV, and on your computer. • Continue watching and pick up where you left off across devices. • Start watching today, with no subscription or sign up required! With our Premium experience you can unlock: • An ad free experience • Exclusive shows like Roadkill Extra and Dirt Every Day Extra you can’t see anywhere else • More automotive events, exclusive Documentaries, Films, and Motorsports both live and on-demand and much more!* Please note your subscription automatically renews unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes account. Any cancellation elected during an active subscription period will not be effective until after the conclusion of the then-current subscription period. You can manage your subscription after purchase by accessing your iTunes account. *Live-streaming content is only available when licensed live events are occurring. Rights restrictions prevent certain content from being viewed in all countries. Check for more information. Terms of Use:

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  • Love MotorTrend, On Demand blows

    By Beefy lips
    The app was working great until this last update. Now it freezes and crashes on my Iphone X. Can you just leave the app alone when it's working?
  • Amazing shows for gearheads/petrolheads.

    By NDSpeed
    We need more shows with more substance and less drama. 5 stars for the ordinal features 2 stars for the drama shows 2 stars since you’ve stopped adding stuff from the vault The platform is okay, I get locked out of too many things I want to see being In A foreign country right now.
  • This is fairly on point.

    By DrewBDooCominToU
    I disagree with some of the negative reviews of this app. It hosts a lot of great NEW content that I want to see and it does it very well. My only gripe is; when streaming content to a TV, from a mobile device, I will start a stream... be idle on the device and watching a stream on the TV and pull up the MotorTrend app, the stream will start completely over and not from the current play time. I am forced to fast forward to the time stamp that I left off of. Great app overall and keep up the support for paying customers. Thanks.
  • Why?!

    By Tumbsyy
    Just updated the app which is supposed to help with the new iPhone that everyone went out and bought (even though 99% of you won’t use it for what it’s intended for) but now the app crashes when I have to watch ads (which is also annoying that I have to watch ads and wait eight weeks just so you can make more money unless I buy a “premium” account but all that was standard on the regular account before!!!) very unhappy and unsatisfied customer.
  • Update doesn’t work

    By nickllr
    App won’t play videos in landscape mode, will crash after a few seconds and won’t turn into a larger screen.
  • Update the video size!

    By Qwertyasdfgzxcvvgtyh
    *EDIT: Every single update makes this app crash more on my Xs Max. Almost every time I turn the phone sideways to watch whatever show, it freezes up for a second and just crashes. I get to watch the video about 1 out of every 5-6 tries. The last 2 updates have mentioned “updates for the iPhone X/Xs Max etc” and have only made it worse. Original review: I’ve been using MTOD since Roadkill stopped putting new episodes up on YouTube. No biggie. I’m not gonna cry over $4.99 a month when I watch 80% of the shows on MTOD. My huge complaint is the video size! On both my iPhone X and now Xs Max, there’s a huge amount of wasted space around the whole video. On my big Xs Max, the video is probably 4”, if that. 5.5” screen but only 4” of video. It’s extremely frustrating. Makes it seem like you’re using an app that was designed for an iPhone 6, and hasn’t been updated. On YouTube I can watch the video with a mode to fill the screen, but keep it out of the “notch” or I can pinch to zoom and fill the whole screen. It’s a night and day difference having that option. MTOD doesn’t even fill the screen to the notch. It’s got an inch gap.
  • Latest update is garbage

    It gets tiresome that after every update this app gets worse. The videos will not play in landscape now. It crashes constantly. Seriously what is going on? The app has never been good and is getting worse. It’s a shame to have such great content but a garbage app. I hope motor trend decides to take this seriously and start focusing on the app side....
  • Now we have to pay twice

    By hoppy269
    I am a huge fan of Iron Resurrection, Kindigit, and Texas Metal. All was well and good with velocity being able to view reruns of the show since I was already PAYING for a u-Verse through ATT. Now Motor Trend buys out Velocity and we now have to pay twice to see any past episode. I have read Motor Trend since I was a teenager, for 45 years. Not a fan anymore.
  • Worst app ever

    By Harleydav99
    I just downloaded this app, and it requires a monthly fee of 4.99. I can’t even get it to open after creating an account with credit card information. Now I have to figure out how to cancel this worthless subscription, so I don’t get charged.
  • More motorcycle

    By Wearevipers
    I bought a year subscription and so far I like the lay out, it’s simple and easy! I got this for Zach & Ari up coming show. Love the channel so far I just would like to see even more motorcycles content.